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Brazil's Top Drinks Brazil's Top Drinks

Let’s start with the most popular beers. Hot Sun! Hot beaches! We are talking Largers beer, Brahma, Antartica, Skol. In Chicago You can find Palma Loca and Xingu Beer. The Brazilian Caipirinha i [...]

Jan 17th 2015
Brazilian Caipirinha Brazilian Caipirinha

Caipirinha 2 fl. oz. Cachaça Half a lime, quartered 2 tsp. Sugar (preferably a "raw" or white) Place lime wedges and sugar in a rocks glass. With a muddler press down and twist the limes to re [...]

Jan 3rd 2015
Kiwi Capiroska Kiwi Capiroska

We love this recipe for our parties!credits to spoonforkbaconKiwi CapiroskaMakes 6Ingredients:2 cups kiwi, peeled and diced12 mint leaves, divided2 tablespoons sugar3 limes, juiced2 cups hi [...]

Jan 2nd 2015