The Brazilian Blue ManJul 4th 2015

The Brazilian Blue Man
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Vinicius, "Vinni", Eduardo Masteguim from Leme, São Paulo, Brazil has been playing around the world with The Blue Man Group for the past 2 years. He first heard about the auditions in Brazil on TV and the producers were looking for the First Brazilian Blue Man.

He was only 21 at the time. Today, 23 year old Vinni shared a few words about Chicago with

How long did you perform with the Blue Man Group and what made you want to become a Blue Man?

I’ve been working with Blue Man Group for 2 years playing shows around the world / I heard about the auditions in Brazil on TV and they were looking for the first Brazilian Blue Man, I decided to do the addition because I was so curious about the character, excited to learn more about this new world and interested in the way Blue Man approached percussion.

How did you remove all the paint each night?

It’s not that hard, Blue Man provides all the material we need to remove the paint, like towel, hot water, oil and etc. It’s a cool process to do after the show where we get together to talk about what happens during that night and what we should do for the next show. I get so excited when I talk to the guys that if I don’t pay attention in that process, I would probably go home with a blue nape.

What is your background and where are you from?

I’m from a small city, Leme, in the Brazil state of São Paulo, and I’ve a musician background. I studied on Conservatory of Tatuí, one of the biggest Conservatories in Latin America, I’ve been playing symphony percussion in bands, orchestras and group of percussions.

When will we see the show in Brazil?

I believe we’ll see the tour soon in Brazil, everyone here is excited to see the show again.

How did you enjoy Chicago and what do you think Chicago has to offer its Brazilian visitors and residents?

I was there during the summer, so it was great to see so many options of concerts and events in the parks, a lot of tourist places to visit and great food.

What are your future plans/projects and when will Chicago get to see you again?

I’m working with Blue Man Group as I continue my career as a Blue Man, but we aren’t ready to announce any specifics yet.

What, would you say, is at the core of Blue Man Group that has contributed to its longevity in the market?

We have a great team working in all departments. We are always looking how we can make the experience better, how we can change that experience into a next level, and that is a constant change. The audience looks for those little details.

Eduardo MasteguimThe First Brazilian Blue Man, Vinni, lives his dream and we can’t wait when he joins the Chicago cast again. Vinni was among 300+ contestants in a process that took about 8 months when his journey started 2 years ago. The award winning show was formed in 1991 spelling creativity around the world.

Blue Man Group has been in Chicago for many years. The show can’t be explained it must be experienced. Blue Men performance is not in spoken language and the size and space of each theatre does make it for a unique show everywhere. Currently the show is running in Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and Chicago.

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Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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