Brazil: the Indigenous Peoples World Games going InternationalApr 24th 2015

Brazil: the Indigenous Peoples World Games going International
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September 18-27, Brazil will be hosting the “Indigenous People World Games.”

According to Brazil’s sports Minister, George Hilton, 48 ethnicities will be represented, 4,000 athletes from 22 countries.” Since 1996, the organization has been holding their games nationally, but the event is now going international in an effort to promote culture, food, games, art, and awareness.

There are several different style games, one of them is “xikunahity,” which is soccer by just using the head. Tribes will also have their own interpreters to guide them and communicate between tribes. The U.S. and Mexico are just a couple of the international bidders in line for hosting the 2019 games.

The “Indigenous Peoples World games” have been taking place in Palmas, northern Brazil state of Tocantins.

This year’s “We are all indigenous” continues to gives us the opportunity to reflect on our roots, learn from a different ethnicity one that is part of us, share the love of games, strategy with other cultures, and bring people together.

Chicago Chronicle

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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