Brazilian Guly do Prado New Home: Chicago FireJan 13th 2015

Brazilian Guly do Prado New Home: Chicago Fire
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The City of Chicago,, and The Chicago Fire Welcomes Guly do Prado from Campinas Brazil. Guly is a strong and talented international striker. Guilherme or "Guly" most recently represented the English Southampton also playing for several Italian Clubs, Perugia, Spezia, Mantova as well as Pro Patria. After signing on the contract in Janurary, the coach, the team and Guly feel this is the right move and he "can't wait to show the Chicago fans what he is all about."

“I’m really excited to join the Fire,” do Prado said in the release. “After playing at the top level in the United Kingdom, I wanted to make the right decision for the next chapter of my career. After meeting with head coach, I feel this is a good move and I’m looking forward to joining the club and showing the Fire fans what I’m about.” Guly do Prado

Thank you Guly and We will be out sharing our support!

Chicago Fire

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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