After Brazilian election, Dilma taps "Chicago Boy" as finance ministerDec 2nd 2014

After Brazilian election, Dilma taps "Chicago Boy" as finance minister
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One month after winning re-election by a thin margin in a second-round vote, President Dilma Rousseff has unveiled a new cabinet whose composition points to plans for a frontal assault on the Brazilian working class and impoverished rural masses.

Topping the bill is Joaquim Levy as finance minister. Levy is leaving a position directing asset management at the Bradesco banking conglomerate to take charge of the government’s economic policies. He is a leading Brazilian proponent of orthodox neoliberalism, having earned a PhD at the University of Chicago, the same institution from which former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet drew his principal financial and economic officials.

With Rousseff and the ruling Workers Party (PT) having waged an election campaign warning that the victory of her opponent, Aécio Neves (Social Democracy Party—PSDB), would mean turning over the country’s economy to the bankers and a return to the policies of a dozen years ago, before the PT first came to power, the irony was lost on no one.

Indeed, Neves himself commented that Levy’s appointment was akin to a top CIA agent being tapped to "run the KGB". [...]

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Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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