Anita, The MovieSep 13th 2013

Anita, The Movie
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ANITA, starring Stephen Baldwin and Leticia Sabatella, is the first feature film written by former longtime Chicago theater critic Lucia Mauro (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Public Radio) and directed by Rick Snyder, an acclaimed ensemble member of Chicago’s storied Steppenwolf Theatre since 1983. It’s a Chicago-born production and a collaboration among artists from the U.S., Brazil and Italy. Filming is targeted for Spring 2014 in Sardinia, Italy.

Screenwriter Lucia Mauro was inspired to write a movie chronicling the short but significant life of Anita Garibaldi after discovering the Brazilian revolutionary’s equestrian monument/tomb – in which she’s cradling an infant and brandishing a pistol

on Rome’s Janiculum Hill.

Brazilian leading lady Leticia Sabatella makes her American debut as the film’s fierce title gaucho freedom fighter, Anita Garibaldi. She was born just north of her character’s revered yet unforgiving Rio Grande do Sul. A real-life activist, long associated with Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, Ms. Sabatella embodies Anita’s irrepressible sense of justice. But she also loves a compelling romance and has starred in numerous Brazilian films, most notably O Xando de Baker Street and Nao por Acaso – highlighting her ability to completely transform herself into disparate characters. Ms. Sabatella is a fixture on Brazilian television, including her most recent celebrated soap opera, Sangue Bom.

Stephen Baldwin – Giuseppe Garibaldi

Known for: The Usual Suspects, The Young Riders, Born on the Fourth of July One of the more colorful Baldwin brothers, Stephen Baldwin started out as a gritty heartthrob in The Young Riders in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His breakout role, as a

psychotic career criminal in Bryan Singer’s double-Oscar-winning 1995 thriller The Usual Suspects, cemented his impressive acting range. Over the years, Mr. Baldwin has taken on slacker, comedic and Celebrity Apprentice roles, together with characters

confronting painful ethical dilemmas. For the first time, he will portray a larger-than-life 19th century Italian historic figure, Giuseppe Garibaldi – Italy’s Hero of Two Worlds. It’s a much-welcome acting challenge that will marry Baldwin’s expertise at conveying the comedy, drama, charisma, unbearable grief and ego of this flawed but noble patriot.

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Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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