Carlinhos Salgueiro April 9, 2019 Save the date!Jan 23rd 2019

Carlinhos Salgueiro April 9, 2019 Save the date!
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"Projeto Samba no Pé" USA Tour

Choreographer / Instructor for the "Kings and Queens" of the world famous Rio Carnaval

Choreographer / Instructor / Performer for Rio's renowned Salgueiro Samba School

For the first time ever, the internationally acclaimed "King of Samba", Carlinhos Salgueiro is bringing his Passista expertise to Chicago. As an award winning and charismatic performing artist, choreographer and instructor Carlinhos Salgueiro is a sought-after Samba icon worldwide. Save the Date, April 9th! Come enjoy this one of a kind experience.

Time and Location to be announced.

Host: Planeta Azul Chicago

Save the Date Carlinhos Salgueiro April 9th!

You can also watch Carlinhos Salgueiro in "Favela Gay".

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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