Samba is In Chicago Aug 16th 2013

Samba is In Chicago
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Since 1996, Shirley Vieira from Rio de Janeiro has been gracing Illinois with her samba performances. But it wasn’t until Shirley moved to Chicago in 1986 that she discovered her love for samba and founded Samba 1 Dance Group.

Shirley’s carioca samba roots give her access to authentic costume materials. Shirley's costumes are from the Beija Flor Samba School, Mangueira, Porto da Pedra and Salgueiro Samba schools. Shirley repairs the costumes on previous carnaval Rio performances by adding feathers, stones and Lots of glitter. Says Shirley, “Maintenance is not easy. These elaborate costumes are made to wear only once.” Shirley also designs and makes her own costumes from recyclable material. Vieira is proud of her wires, and full headpieces custom-made for her dancers.

“We want our guests to feel they are in Brazil," says Shirley. "We deliver the pure Brazilian experience.” Samba 1 Dance Group has been working for years with Edilson Lima, professional dancer and choreographer of the team. “Edilson teaches us discipline and brings diversity to our tight-knit group," she says. "It's wonderful!”

Lolas Samba 1 Dance Group has a long history in this business in Chicago. Vieira adds, "We are flexible and adapt to our clients needs. We also partner with Gingarte Capoeira, hire musicians from Chicago Samba, The Cecy Santana Banda and Dill Costa & Melodies.”

Samba 1 Dance Group holds private events for businesses and universities while also participating in special galas and local street festivals. You can catch Samba 1 Dance Group every year at the African Festival of the Arts and at the Logan Square Fests.

Samba 1 Dance Group will be performing at this year's Brazil Fest from August 23-26th.

The festival will feature several performances, workshops for kids, a variety of bands, special giveaways like tickets to Brazil and food. “We can’t wait to share our purpose, our culture and our Show," says Shirley.

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Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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