"Minha Vida Daria um Livro"Mar 7th 2018

"Minha Vida Daria um Livro"
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Brazilians who have rebuilt their lives outside of Brazil are asked to share their experiences in a new book.

Leaving your own country for opportunities in a new land is no easy task for anyone. The difficulties of the language, cultural challenges, unknown rules and unforeseen obstacles require much effort, resilience and determination to overcome. Many Brazilians who have made this journey and many more with plans to travel this road still ahead of themselves can benefit from sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Oscar Silbiger is a Brazilian biographer and writer with over 36 years of experience portraying personal, family and corporate trajectories. Oscar, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is looking for your story. With his evolving work "Minha vida daria um livro," you can turn your life into a book that will serve as a reference and inspiration to other people who also dream of living abroad, while also preserving these unique experiences from being erased by time. The book will be elaborated at a distance. For more information and to learn more you can reach out to our friend Oscar Silbiger.

Mais informações:

  • Email: diretoria@vidaescrita.com.br
  • WhatsApp: +55 19 99217-7849
  • Website: www.vidaescrita.com.br
  • Skype: oscar.silbiger

Minha Vida Daria um Livro

Oscar Silbiger

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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