August 24th Webinar Reaching Multilingual MarketsAug 6th 2016

August 24th Webinar Reaching Multilingual Markets
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Presentation: "Reach Multilingual Markets: Creating Content, Developing Effective Partnerships, and Utilizing Translation Technology".

Learning objectives:

  • 1. Learning about the services offered by language services providers will enable you to effectively leverage a partnership and develop a strategy to bring your message to global, multilingual audiences.
  • 2. Understanding the latest translation technology will prepare you to set attainable goals for your translation and localization efforts.
  • 3. Learning about best practices for developing digital content will help you create text, graphics, and multimedia elements that are culturally sensitive and translation ready.

Note: Event is "no charge" but you must register to attend.Please note the time zone difference.

Please click in the link below to register.

Reaching Multilingual

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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