WHODUNNIT? Brazilian native Melina Alves can answer that!Jul 12th 2013

WHODUNNIT? Brazilian native Melina Alves can answer that!
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Brazilian native and Chicago resident Melina Alves stars on the ABC reality show WHODUNNIT? on Sunday Nights. The concept is for competitors to utilize a variety of criminal investigation techniques to reveal the killer among them. In an interview with BrazilChicago.com Melina says, “ The premise is CSI meets the board game Clue.” Anthony E. Zuiker, creator and executive producer of the American television show CSI, brings us this interactive prime time reality series. The winning contestant will take home $250,000 big ones.

Melina Alves lives in Chicago, IL and was born in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Recife in her earlier years. Melina and her father founded a non-profit in Rio de Janeiro called People Helping People Worldwide in 2012. “We install water wells in Africa and offer shelter, schooling, and medical attention. We help rebuild churches and show the love of Jesus in the favelas of Brazil. Funding has been difficult but we do as much as we can. If I land a career in the entertainment industry, I will be using a large amount of any income I make to go to my non-profit."

Melina has been getting an increasing amount of followers on her twitter page and she hopes to land a role on one of the Brazilian “novelas” or soap operas. Melina considers herself shy but loves to sing all the time. Her hope is to increase awareness of Brazil’s social issues.

Episodes air for 9 weeks and our competitive Brazilian is fighting hard. For more on Melina Alves and the show please go to http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/whodunnit/bios/melina


Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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