The Bitter taste of Rio Doce, MarianaMar 14th 2016

The Bitter taste of Rio Doce, Mariana
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In tribute to all the victims of Brazil’s Rio Doce, would like to share this video and ask for assistance and donations to the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The collapse of a mining dam was avoidable and Samarco & Vale do Rio Doce, responsible for the biggest environmental disaster in the country’s history, continues to cover its tracks.

Apocalyptic images of communities swallowed by mud and a river flooded by mining waste have shocked a population that has become hardened to tragedy.

The dam that burst and the dam that ruptured were earthwork structures holding a mix of water and extraction waste.

It’s estimated it would take 30 years to clean up the Doce basin after the mud smothered thousands of fish, turtles, other animals.

The torrent of toxic mud has reached the Atlantic Ocean killing more species, people and the environment.

Please contact if you like to make a contribution. Our objective is to help reduce the environmental damage and we have contacted a municipal biologist working in the area.

A população consciente, está bastante revoltada com a situação , pois além da SAMARCO E VALE DO RIO DOCE não tomarem nenhuma providência, a SAMARCO está veiculando uma propaganda enganosa, em "entrevistas com ribeirinhos", se dizendo felizes com as indenizações e atenção rápida da SAMARCO.

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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