OscArts of Life Party 2016: An Academy Award-winning FundraiserJan 26th 2016

OscArts of Life Party 2016: An Academy Award-winning Fundraiser
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The Arts of Life Associate Board will once again be hosting the OscArts of Life Fundraiser. You can come dressed up or dressed down — immigrant elegant vs. mountaineer grunge, Saoirse Ronan in “Brooklyn” vs. Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant.” You can even wear a protest t-shirt.

Oscar host Chris Rock will greet you on the TV with his ripe observations on Hollywood. Early arrivals receive complimentary champagne & wine. No need to take it too seriously. It’s a festivity of Hollywood FUN, as we also highlight the creative energies back here in Chicagoland at the The Arts of Life.

And a bonus this year: 20% of all drink sales will go directly to The Arts of Life. Many thanks to our friends at Bluelight for making this possible.

  • WHEN: Sunday, February 28, 2016, 6 -11 p.m

  • WHERE: Bluelight in Roscoe Village,

    3251 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

  • FREE popcorn from The Arts of Life

    COMPLIMENTARY champagne & wine to early arrivals


    $5 raffle tickets (or 5 for $20) on the following:

    Painting (from local Chicago artist, donation by Jodie Smylie)

    Earrings/necklace matching set ($60 valued donation created by April Llewellyn)

    Grand Movie Prize: “Vote” with your raffle ticket for which movie you THINK will win best picture. Out of that pile of tickets, the winner will be chosen.

    Movie fan ephemera (various movie themed gifts, including a star wars necktie, classic movie posters & coloring book)

    Gene Siskel Theater Membership


    Admission (sold at location): $10 ballot and/or $5 suggested donation (ballots can be filled out in advance or onsite)

  • FOOD

    $4 food tickets (featuring pizza & veggie chili & more)

    $10 OSCAR BALLOT @ the party: All ballots will be pooled into a 50/50 raffle, split between the winner and The Arts of Life.


    Attendees must be 21 and over to attend this 88th Academy Awards bar fundraiser. If a tie in Oscar ballot contest, monies will be split among the winners. Raffle prizes will be announced at the night’s end. Place name & contact on raffle ticket and we will send you your prize.


    Available for purchase onsite

"We are people with or with out disabilities creating an artistic culture to realize our Full Potential"

Arts Of Life

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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