Brazil's Top DrinksJan 17th 2015

Brazil's Top Drinks

Let’s start with the most popular beers. Hot Sun! Hot beaches! We are talking Largers beer, Brahma, Antartica, Skol.

In Chicago You can find Palma Loca and Xingu Beer.

The Brazilian Caipirinha is a dash or two tarter paired with fresh limes and a teaspoon or two of sugar.

brahma xingu caipirinha batida

Add a ice cubes or crushed ice for a refreshing taste. A shot or two of Cachaça depending on how strong you like.

Coconut Batida

  • 2 ounces cachaça
  • 3 ounces coconut milk
  • teaspoons simple sugar
  • ounces sweetened condensed milk
  • cup of ice

cachacaPinga, better knowns as Cachaça

Cachaça’s alcohol content of 38-54% by volume and is also made from the distillation of fermented sugarcane juice. For a smoother taste and quality go for a country farm produced variety. You can use to prepared an ifinite amount of different drinks with fruit. Preparation done much like the caipirinha.

cajuamigocashew friend-Caju Amigo

  • 1 small shot of cachaça
  • 1 ripe cashew fruit


Take a bite of the cashew fruit and CHEW. Extract the juice and take a good gulp of cachaça down one swallow. good? But If you prefer to make a juice out of the cashew and add cachaça on an iced cup that would also make a great drink. Add a teaspoon of sugar for smoother taste.

chimarraoChimarrão (herba mate) Southern Brazil Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay),

A caffeine rich infused drink. It’s made by adding hot water to the dried leaves of the yerba mate herb. Typically, chimarrão is served in bulb-shaped cup, and drunk through a straw made of stainless steel.

coconutwaterCoconut water

The Life saving water. What is good for?

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improve digestion
  • Ward off wrinkles
  • Stabilize glucose levels
  • Fight off viruses
  • Build cells
  • Regulate hormones
  • Increase thyroid production
  • Lose weight
  • Increase metabolism
  • Fight infections
  • Stave off memory loss

guaranaGuaraná Antarctica

Brazil’s favorite soda pop. Guaraná is a fruit and energy enhancer. The Distintictive carbonated flavor is similar to apples and berries. Contains more caffeine than coca-cola and less the amount of sugar.

caldodecanaCaldo de Cana

Run the cane through a pressing machine it yields a greenish-yellow juice called caldo de cana. Add some ice to your cup and its ready to drink. Just like the name “caldo de cana” means “sugar juice” and its pure sweetness. This is also how we start making Cachaça and rum.


The Brazilian will have a taste for a “cafezinho” after lunch and dinner. Brazilian coffee considered one of the best in the world is considered to have a great flavor. The climate and environment provides ideal growing conditions.

sucoSuco de Frutas

We love fruits and we make it a point to have the all natural fruit juice anywhere. We pair it with other fruits and we mix it or just the fruit in itself. Very common you find us having orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice and just about any exotic fruit out there on the corner street. Goes through the blender into a nice cold glass add a snack.

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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