Carnaval would you Go?Jan 16th 2015

Carnaval would you Go?

Some helpful tips for Carnaval first timers or if you are a returning carnaval fan!

Do Learn some Portuguese. Practice. Give it a shot. You just might fall in love with our language. communicate.

Learn Local Customs, Local Foods, Local Drinks! Make your trip even more special. This is an experience.

No matter where you go Recife, Rio, Salvador, You will be hearing some of the songs over and over. It would be nice to be able to follow. Feel Part of the celebration. If you like a list of songs please feel free to email us and we would be happy to send you a list with lyrics.

Bring clothes you don’t mind loosing. Remember, You will be out all day dancing, sweating, it's a crowd. It may rain, so its not going to be glamorous. Unless, you opt to one of the private parties, we call it “camarote” that may make up for a less bumping crowd.

Do take a pair of your old tennis shoes, tshirt, shorts. This is your outfit for the next days.

Make sure you have a copy of your identification on YOU. Name of the hotel and contact number, emergency contact at All times.

Do NOT put your cash in your pockets. Pick pocketers are at watch and you don’t even feel their hands getting in your pockets as you navigate the crowds. Instead, put your contact information and money down your socks OR :TIP: Money goes in the INSIDE POCKETS of your shorts or underwear. You can also use an elastic pouch that would go around your waist under your t-shirt.

Another Great TIP: Make sure that you exchange low currency Bills. Most of the time people will ask if you have change or a lower bill. If you are buying something that costs $R4.00 and you give them a $R20 vendors will ask if you have a $R5.00 or $R10.00. You want to have $R1.00 and $R5.00 bills. Especially when buying beer on the streets or anything on the streets. Coins do come in very handy too!

Keep your valuables at home or in a safe. We are talking about your nice shirt, shoes, watch, all that has value.

There will be music, dancing, and noise! Day and night. We start at around noon and you go as late as you like. If you are in the middle of the buzz, you are getting little sleep.

After carnaval or if you feel like an early fun escape from the party, the surroundings islands are great to relax. Morro de São Paulo off the coast of Salvador, Bahia is a favorite. Take in the cool and beautiful luau ambiance for the next Days.

carnaval2Be conscious. Find a meeting point in case you get lost from your friends. Be aware. And, make sure to Drink Lots of water. Coconut water will keep you hydrated especially after those caipirinhas the night before.

Get ready is Party time!

Please feel free to send us your questions through our contact page

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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