Carnaval in SalvadorMay 10th 2014

Carnaval in Salvador

2 million people participate on Salvador’s Carnaval every year. And it just Keeps getting Bigger.

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil For more than 16 hours a day and for six consecutive days dozens of Bands make a parade along the streets, and people immerse themselves in music, dance, and culture.

The bands play on big trucks (called Trios) and the crowd eagerly follows.

There are three areas or circuits (circuito) where the parade runs through

Circuito Dodo also known as Circuito Barra/Ondina. This is the area around Farol da Barra, Salvador's lighthouse. Each bloco or band that goes on top of the Trio (truck) cover about 2.5 miles (4 km) in 4 hours, always along the beach. Famous blocos (dance bands) that pass through this circuit and the Curcuit Osmar are Camaleao, Claudia Leite, our Daniela Mercury, Timbalada, and The great Ivete Sangalo.

Carlinhos Brown Circuito Osmar or Circuit Campo Grande is the Traditional Circuit.

covers about 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) in six hours. The parade includes historical landmarks, but it doesn't border the beach. The famous blocos that pass through Barra/Ondina will most likely be on this circuit Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Carnaval Ends on Wednesday morning.

Circuto Batatinha in the Pelourinho historical center features more the Afro-Brazilian bands. This parade offers families, locals, and travelers a more subtle and cultural aspect of the Bahian carnaval. Percussion groups includes Olodum, Araketu, and other Afoxes musical groups usually inspired or committed to the candomble of Bahia.

In order to be part of the blocos it is necessary to purchase an Abada (a colorful shirt). Each bloco carries their own shirt symbolic to what they represent that year. Price range for Abadas for the blocos between $20-$400.

Ile Aye Locals and tourists can also enjoy the Salvador Carnival by simply dancing in the streets being part of the Pipoca of Salvador (means Popcorn). A friendly expression used among the locals. Being part of the blocos may get pricey after a few days.

Locals and Travelers can also get a ticket and watch the carnaval in a Camarote (party box), which is a party within the party, watching the trios go by from Circuit Dodo and Osmar. Camarotes also offer drinks, food, and the “cooler ambiance” for those interested in a rest or taking a break from the crowds. Famous Camarotes includes Camarote Skol, Cerveja & Cia, Camarote Nana, Camarote Salvador.

Gilberto Gil Carnaval 2014 starts on February 27-March 4, 2014

Recommendations: Leave your sandals to the beach and Please wear tenis shoes. Take off any jewelry you might have, cell phone and money, id, along with your hotel or hostel stay card is best to be in a protective inside pocket of your shorts. Remember you are dancing and moving with a crowd.

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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