Brazilian WaxMar 22nd 2014

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing is a form of waxing that removes all hair from the pelvic area. This method of hair removal became more popular as swimwear became smaller but also due to culture, personal hygiene, fashion, personal taste and aesthetics.

A woman’s hair removal most commonly includes lip, legs, arm pit, eyebrows. However, waxing is also getting increasingly, popular among men. Yes, we are also talking Brazilian waxing for Men.

Why we go through some pain? It’s the idea that hair will not grow back for weeks and also leaving the skin smoother without the bumpy harsh look skin effects of shaving. This is big appeal to customers and American men and women have been seeking out this style in Chicagoland too.

Different types of wax have been on the market but for the removal of more coarse hairs a mix of beeswax and tall oil is used.


We recommend going to a professional especially if this is your first time getting a Brazilian Wax.

• Hair needs to be about ¼" trimmed for the wax to fully grasp it. If too short hair will be hard to remove. If hair is too long, the risk of breakage, and missed hairs equates to additional pain.

• Skin should be clean before applying wax. The wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth and removed fast on the opposite direction.

• A mild anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen can be helpful 30min before the procedure.

• An oil based lotion and baby powder will be applied after to smoothen skin but some aestheticians may apply a cream type base also beforehand to help with the sensitive pelvic area.

Salons may offer a cold wax treatment. We prefer the warm wax treatment. We feel it spreads much easier and attaches to hair better.

Please feel free to ask your aesthetician for a patch test first to make sure your skin is not allergic or does not overreact to either with the warm temperature or the wax chemicals in itself.

Happy Waxing!

Article by: Virna Souza [BrazilChicago]


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